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Become the leader everyone loves working with.

Feel energized when your feet hit the floor in the morning.

Together, we’ll get you there. I guarantee it.


I work with people, like you, who are ready to step away from the daily grind to gain greater perspective and clarity around what it is you want. Together, we create a plan that will transform your life, team and organization.

As a coach, I focus on 2 areas:

  1. Leaders of tech companies who want to make an impact and love their work.
  2. New college graduates to design a life that is meaningful and fun.

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Do you long to be the leader everyone loves working with? Is your career in need of an overhaul? Are you looking for meaningful work?

Coaching can help leaders and individuals:

  • break out of the cycle of protection and control (the old style of management and leadership);
  • achieve a higher level of awareness;
  • uncover hidden assumptions and beliefs;
  • see their true talents with clarity and purpose;
  • build the life they want to live.

Through one 45 minute complimentary session:

  • We will discover what is holding you back
  • What small (sometimes micro!) action steps you can take to completely change your life.
  • We will also determine, during this call, if I am the right coach for you.

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Leadership Coaching

Grow as a leader and build stronger connections.

Career Coaching

Design and build a career and life you love.

“Sharon has depth of understanding of people that enables her to not ony guide you in your career path, but to see beyond and get to the root of whatever may be holding you back from greatness.”

Lauren – Microsoft

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